Don’t sell yourself short…

I don’t know whether to start with a sigh or relieve, been looking forward to this day off for a while now, you know, a time for me to detox, rest, get that sleep I have always needed, try and keep sane for another week, ask myself if am still there, take some time to visit my dreams, think of a future, my plans to change the world, get married have some kids, you know that day, however it doesn’t look like I will be getting any of those, am up and have a lot of writing, thinking, planing and mailing to do, just because I need a break doesn’t mean I get one.
But here’s the weird stuff am going to go through all these behind the scene activity and when I get into society tomorrow, I will have the need, urge, and may even go ahead to “sell myself short “.
Hold up let’s break that down a bit, here’s what that statement means;

First your are selling yourself, that is your are both master and commodity, both master and slave, both Lord and servant (yeah I know you get the point will stop now :))
So u decide what you think your worth is, whether you set the price tag less or high, that’s what people will offer.
Secondly, the statement tells us your selling your own self short, can you begin to imagine that, why! Why will I cheat my self????

So why do we sell ourselves short?…

Am going to tell you, but give me a minute to add a photo here

Yeah the picture is not about the post, just felt I should tell (show you a joke)

So now why do we sell ourselves short?
Cause we simply think people won’t buy if we tell them how much we are worth.
So let’s start low, it’s better to get something small than nothing, the problem with that is, that’s what people will always offer you,most people like it when stuff comes cheap to them.
Am I saying be expensive, yes if you carry the quality why not.
We just want to be accepted, even when that will make you cheat yourself.

Well I guess you have gotten the point now…smiley face smiley face 🙂 ….

However before you rush to start selling yourself at world class cost make sure you are worth the price if not you would just be a fraud.

P.S. Am not just talking about money here, will let you figure out other ways you get short changed.
Don’t sell yourself short, you can figure it out.

I feel I should end with a poem, Emmm

Don’t sell yourself short,
I will buy you, but can you buy me.
Don’t sell yourself short,
Even if your short you still have 16 billion cells (hope I got the number right)
Don’t sell yourself short,
Do the work have the value
Don’t sell yourself short,
World changers don’t shop at the one dollar store.
Don’t sell your self short, it’s not worth it.


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