Inspirational · RELATIONSHIP 101.

Man and his monster

He woke up and for the first time she said those words
She said “I Love You”
He was Flung into a state overwhelming joy
But you see this state didn’t last too long as he
soon was covered with the cloak of sadness as he began to ask
Did she say she loves me?
Me?, I could understand her loving me cause am a gent
But there are days when I lose my manners
Would she love me when I would be too impatient to wait for her?
See I could understand her saying she loves me
I tend to inspire her
But would she love me when the light goes out from my mind and even on a perfect day I sit in thick darkness
Now he’s not saying his monster will drive him to hit you
But it would make him not touch you, this is beyond the friendly touch of our bodies to the strong interactions of our minds
I have heard that monsters could be tamed, just wondering if she loves me enough not to take to her heels at the first sight of my monster
Cause for me that’s what I love you means
It means she’s not permitting me to be an animal, but if i turn to one occasionally at the stroke of the full moon she would pet me rather than hunt me
For me when she said “I love you” I heard “even though I haven’t seen all of you I won’t run when an ugly side turns up”
For me it means when the world sees a freak you would find an exceptional creature
And this doesn’t mean am not going to fight my monster
Cause I love you
You see you are Joy and that keeps darkness away.


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