The Big Three

Hey there, So am sitting here thinking of what to write about relationships that will make a whole lot of sense to you, I decide to have a quick flash back of all the talks I’ve listened to, books I’ve read, advices I’ve been given, and wow its a lot, am like really I have to remember and do all this so I’ll have a successful relationship, really? It’ll be more easier to build a space ship by myself and pilot it by myself. But hey in the end a successful relationship is worth all the effort, sharing your heart and life with someone, growing and learning with the person, being true to yourself and having someone who loves and wants every inch of you, it’s worth the effort. So am going to try and compress all the plenty relationship tips into 3, I’ll try to be a bit dramatic and call it ‘The Big Three’
So here are The Big Three of Relationships.
LOVE : It is often said that love alone cannot guarantee the success of a relationship, it’s true, but do not underestimate the power of love, I’ve seen love push people even when strength failed them, I’ve seen love bind people even when words could not and I’ve seen love make people go through hell and back and be eager to do it again in a heartbeat. Love when it is pure and true can be like gills to a fish, wings to a bird, and the sun to the sky. All other things may fail but love Never Fails.
TRUST : it is often said that trust is like a piece of paper; once crumbled it can never be straight again, trust can be lost but I believe if can also be regained, it depends on how willing the two parties are to forgive and grow and learn. Trust to a relationship is like oil to a car, it keeps all the parts moving well and prevents unnecessary friction. If your partner doesn’t trust you instead of getting pissed about it, try and find out why the trust is lacking and try and build it, yes trust is built, u don’t just wake up nd trust a person cos he/she has a nice name, it takes time, effort and lots of integrity. If the trust is lost rebuild it, and if it’s not lost, keep it.
TRUTH : it is often said that the truth shall set you free, and it is indeed true, being truthful sets you free from unnecessary stress, lying nd making up follow up stories, trying to remember what you said last time so you don’t contradict it, trying to be defensive so too many questions are not asked and shutting people away by doing that, yes all this can be stopped by just saying the truth, so why is it so hard to be truthful, probably because you don’t trust the other person enough to accept you and your truth, or you don’t love them enough to be real with them, whatever the reason, if you cannot be truthful with the person your in a relationship with then you better start giving that relationship a rethink, whether it’s the little things or the big ones, always tell your partner the truth.

So that’s that, the big three, with this all other things should fall in place, but let me add a bonus tip, remember it’s your relationship, nobody has ever experienced it or will ever experience it like you will, so take charge and call the shots.
Thank you!


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