Beautiful Imperfection

All my life I have been in search of perfection
From people
From community
From the world
And maybe that has been the reason for my sadness
Maybe that’s why I have never been able to enjoy life
Maybe, maybe, maybe

Cause as I complained to her about the time
She complained about how absent I was
As I pointed out how not so smart her idea was
She pointed how always right I am

I almost miss it
I almost let it slip all these years
I almost not see the beautiful

You see the imperfection I saw I could change,
I didn’t
The imperfection I saw , I could help
And everything she so wrong in me, was right in her.

Let’s put it this way, we all are pieces of a coin
Alone we just imperfect
Together we are beautiful imperfections.

So the next time I see you, and you seem to fall short, in that moment I would find purpose and see why am here
And when I look at myself and seem so inadequate, I won’t worry cause I know I have you.

So inside us tearing each other down, let’s try and figure out how we fit to be beautiful.
Instead of telling you what I can do better, I would just lend you a hand. .

No longer will I despise you, cause that will show how little my understanding is and how short my foresight is.


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