Moving Forward

Moving forward seems like a concept everyone should be interested in and rightfully so, I don’t think we were designed for stagnation hence the reason for growth, and many people desire strongly to move forward however a lot of us don’t, why?? I will tell you in a moment.

So am chilling with SS this evening and she says to me she’s moving forward she can’t hold on to things behind, in her past or below (of cause she didn’t use those exact words but that’s what I heard.)
And whether she notices or not she sends me down a trail of thought, this thought, can I move forward if I keep visiting my past, this I think is what a lot of us do and also the reason why we don’t end up getting to where we want to.
So here are a couple of reasons why it’s not advisable to hold on to the past if you want to move forward.

  1. The past most times is comfortable.
  2. The past drags you back, you are always going down memory lane never going up to make new ones.
  3. People in our past are most times not heading in the direction of our future.
  4. The pasts consumes a lot of energy and causes you great distraction.
  5. Kills focus, you can’t hold on to you past and future at the same time.

Am I saying the past is useless, no! Learn it’s lessons but leave it’s persons behind.
Move forward you owe it to your future to see what’s up.

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