Pain is mandatory

So I can’t really say what age I was exactly but I think before ten, I walk into this office and I find this inscription
” pain is mandatory
Suffering is optional
Diamonds are made under pressure ”

Well the different lines of that inscription has carried me through different times of my life, however I am most recently reminded of the last one; “pain is mandatory “.

Now, I am no fan of pain and if u live long enough you will experience at least one kind of pain (either physical or emotional) and by long enough I mean a day.
But then from that moment on most of us live trying everything we can to avoid pain, you know what this does to us, it makes us to not experience life to the fullest.

Quick story, so am at work today with this married mother of two and we start talking and somewhere in all the talk she begins to tell me about labour pain and all that, I kept on saying thank God am a man, and after all the talk in the next moment she’s kissing her son and calling him “my love ” – the fullest of life,she endured the pain.

I think my generation isn’t really acquainted with pain so doesn’t really appreciate it or understand it. Am I saying go look for pain, No! Am saying don’t kill yourself over it, it won’t kill you. So let me end with a couple of truths about pain.

  1. Pain is painful (smiles) but it ends if don’t hold on to it. Reminds me of a song “if you catch hell don’t hold it, if your going through hell don’t stop”

  2. Well like the title says, pain is mandatory, get ready, it comes around more often than we wish for.

  3. Pain is part of the process, the process of becoming the best God wants you to be. So if you don’t appreciate this and go through it the process won’t be complete. (why do I feel like I have written this before? Well ok)

  4. Pain reminds you your human, some days we forget we are.

  5. Pain let’s you let other people help you, it helps you connect.

  1. Pain gives you another view of life, it could be a better view or worse, please let it be better.

Pain is just a part of the process not the end, go beyond the pain. Thank you


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