Let’s go fishing

Top of the morning to you all, how was your weekend? To christians in Egypt our hearts are with you over the most recent bombings, to Nigerian youths still crazy about BBN I hope you get over it soon, to the formula 1 fans it’s been an interesting week. Good morning.

Photo credit : vbcpasadena

Let’s go fishing, I think in Nigerian this is a term in the Christian community is associated with evangelism and rightfully so, however in some parts of the world it is a term associated with rest and vacation.

Some people fish for rest and vacation, I don’t cause I can’t but the principle is the same, vacations are usually not given attention by the black man cause of a lot of reasons ranging from, cost to societal norms and upbringing, however my goal today is to tell you why you should take that vacation and get that rest.

  1. It gets you out of the zone, we all have our zones, our routine, projects we work on, basically the same glass through which we see they same things. However what vacation does its take you out of that zone and allows you see things through a fresh pair of eyes and also discover new things.
    We sometimes get so stuck with seeing and doing the same things daily we begin to think that’s all there is to life.

  2. Allows you re-evaluate priorities. So what’s important to you? Your pay cheque ! Are you sure?
    If you had life outside the stress of getting the pay cheque would you appreciate it more, now am not saying quit your job am saying make time for family.

  3. See why it’s important. A lot of us keep saying we will make time for our family and loved ones, we say it but don’t do it, you know why? We can’t see why it’s important. If you spend some time fishing with them, noticing the small things that make up the big them, you will begin to long for that feeling and do it more often.

  4. You fish. You focus on something different, something new, something amazing, get to appreciate life at its simplicity, get to rest. Finally you get to eat fish, that is to say replenish.

Thank you.


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