How to be excellent today (Easter Special)

Wow it is certainly good to write once more after so long a time. I missed you guys. I’ll save you guys the excuses because as they say “excuses are for losers” whatever that means (laughs). To join the voice of Nigerians celebrating, I’d say it is base on logistics. To join the Christian faithful, it’s base on grace and to everyone else it’s base on commitment. Enough said already…

While writing and posting tips feels real good, might I say learning has not taken place until there is a corresponding change in character, kindda like walking the talk? So I’ll just urge as a friend to another friend who wants to share the top with you, pick out a tip and work on it daily. You could do one per week; you could do one per year. Whatever you do, do something.

So quickly we have another set of tips:

  1. Have a place where you can get away from the noise and just get your acts together.
  2. Put your signature on things by doing a little extra.
  3. Be mindful of where you thinking goes. control what dwells on your mind.
  4. Maintain eye contact when talking.
  5. Rest. There is always time to rest.
  6. Make your best decision and move forward (be well informed first)
  7.  Be less busy and instead be more productive.
  8. Reward yourself for every little progress.
  9. Rejoice with those rejoicing.
  10. Mind your dress sense.
  11. Be open to change.
  12. Connect what you are doing today with your future.
  13. Learn to follow your guts.
  14. Learn by observation.
  15. Strive to maintain relevance in today. Yesterday is gone.

Thank you and enjoy the holiday.


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