Good morning, how is your weekend going?
So it’s easter week, and this is me saying happy easter to you.
I have been thinking, what really is easter about? The cross, cool correct, but what really is the cross? In one word forgiveness.

So the price of our forgiveness has been paid thousands of years ago so what’s the point of setting out a day, it’s not like he pays it again every easter?
Well its to remind us of the price and after it was paid forgiveness was handed to us for free. #JustBelieve
OK I can hear my friends with ADD asking me what’s the point? Simple “we have to pay the price for forgiveness for the ones we love ”
Yeah don’t nod your head just yet, I have had people wrong me and it was cool (humanly gratifying) watching them pay, and I have wronged people who wanted me to pay and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t, you can’t make up for stuffs till they let you.
So remember that guy that broke your heart, it’s time you hang on that cross for him, no it won’t be easy but it’s easter, it’s love, it’s forgiveness.
You remember that child that hurt you, it’s time to open your arms and ask them to come, come cause you have bled for their Hurt.
Well you know your own scenario put it and forgive, I believe Jesus didn’t just die to forgive us but also free us from the burden of un forgiveness.
So pick up your phone, call that family, say that prayer,

the first and most important thing you must do to forgive is to make the choice to forgive.

Jesus hung on the cross to save this world, I think it’s time you hang on yours to save your world.

Thank you, please don’t forget to like, share and leave a comment.
Happy easter.



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