More Excellent Tips

Hey there…. yes you…i miss you…..sincerely i do….its good to write you again this week. I hope have been helpful thus far with the tips? Honestly i personally write out this tips so i could apply myself to them. Lest i become like a tour guide who points others to the way but have never been there himself.

Without further ado, let us delve in for more…TIPS

  1. Understand how money works…..and how it multiplies.
  2. Start putting first things first.
  3. Refrain from complaining. Every time you complain, you lose sight of opportunities present.
  4. Learn to let go. if you are upset, let it go. Get “Up” and get “set”
  5. Be of use but don’t be used.
  6. Go easy on argument and criticism. Do not argue. Even if you win, you lose.
  7. As much as it lies within you, do not cut corners.
  8. Choose to stay for ever positive. Mindset is everything.
  9. Eat intelligently. Eat to stay sharp.
  10. Take time to organize your mind before you organize your day.

with abundance of love and goodwill always… excellent!


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