Clear thoughts from a twisted mind

Finished, Finish.

Takes a deep breath

Well basically this is it, sometimes in life you think your finished, could be in debt, undergoing a divorce, lost a job, a son, a father, a relationship, you know one of those times when night comes and you find yourself wishing the morning doesn’t come cause you don’t see the point.
You don’t have what it takes to run through another day, as a matter of fact you don’t have what it takes to go through another day, or even sit through one, you tank is finished, you emotions are gone and you brain is drained. You know that moment when even depressed people call you depressed, when you don’t notice time going by cause no events happening that need distinguishing.

I think everyone comes to this point in life, and usually there are two options, to kill yourself or wait for death to kill you, either way you life dead. No Dreams no energy.
You know where everyone you thought was responsible for you suddenly disappeared or maybe the are there physically but you feel so alone.
You know when with your eyes open you can feel this thick darkness all around and there is simply no light in view, your not just alone, your lost and can’t even find your self.
I guess that’s the point when the say your finished. Nothing more can be done to help you.

So here’s how I will end this,
Even though it SEEMS like your finished, you still have to FINISH so let’s get up, reach out, and keep going, cause the goal is to be finished when you finish, don’t quit, am Cheering for you.

Thank you.
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