Hurt, Forgiven


Most recently I have found myself in need of forgiveness and being forgiven, two instances stand out and I would like to share one.

Towards the end of the previous year a friend called me and needed my help, I listened and with a bit of immaturity (okay, it was a lot of immaturity ) I handled the situation wrongly, well my friend was hurt, I to a little and our friendship was broken. In time, I did beg this friend for forgiveness and well, it took some time and sometime but I didn’t feel forgiven.

Sometime in the cause of the previous week we got talking (i.e. reconnected on a friendship level) , and my lost friend had another situation, similar to the one that broke our friendship in the first place, and as my friend began to unfold the present burden, my friend did try to remind me of how I handled it last year however didn’t use it has a yard stick to judge me rather as in a mild caution for me to handle it better this time.


Forgiveness its a choice, it’s given, to you by people, to people from you and to you from yourself. I am beginning to discover that I find it harder to forgive myself especially when people haven’t forgiven me.

Sometimes forgiveness takes time, but also remember un-forgiveness is not healthy and you are running at a loss if you keep you unforgiveness tab running.

Forgiveness allows us build a future.

I think forgiveness is easier when it comes from love and is rooted in love, then we find the strength to keep forgiving.

Every time we don’t forgive it shows how quickly we forget that we too needed and will still need forgiveness and have been forgiven and will still expect forgiveness.

Finally I think one of the cores of the christian faith and a key to enjoying humanity is remembering that we were forgiven so that we could forgive.

so this one goes out to my nameless friend, and yours to cause we all have that friend that always forgive us. Thank you friend.

Please like and share with that friend, we appreciate you.



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