How to be excellent(Negotiating Tips)

There is this thing to life. Compromising is not always a bad thing. We have to realize that we can not have everything we want right now. But we can get something right now if we are able to negotiate and compromise. However if we don’t compromise, we get nothing.

Negotiation by it’s very nature demands compromise on both sides and compromise is always less than what people seek but always more than what you get when you refuse to negotiate.

So straight to business: Tips on how to negotiate and compromise.

  1. Seek dialogue to discuss concerns
  2. Create a crisis (to bargain with)
  3. Set out demands and conditions
  4. Stay firm and resolute. keep up the pressure.
  5. Take time to regroup your thoughts and points.
  6. Be prepared to intensify pressure if demands are not meet.
  7. Insist on a plan of implementation and ensure it is followed through.
  8. Show good faith, use discretion and allow the opposition a graceful way out.
  9. Praise the other side.
  10. Stick to the agreement.

if you do this things, thou shall certainly gain much and do remember “Great leaders are known for their ability to compromise”



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