Often times I’ve heard people say time and time again ; I had no other choice given the circumstances, or he/she forced my hand or my path was set out for me, lately am beginning to realize more than ever before the phrase my dad drummed into my ears since I had the ability to recognize words and sentences : LIFE IS FULL OF CHOICES! 
We all have choices to make as soon as we open our eyes, you can choose to get out of bed or go for a 2nd round of sleep, you can choose to have a lazy day or be productive, its all good and fine, its your life, your the one breathing, your free to choose what you want. However, be mindful of falling into the dillusion that some choices are already made for you, the best people can do is to try and carve out pathways for you to follow, its you who ultimately moves your feet either towards or away from that path, at any given point of your life you have the power to refuse or accept the advice’s and ‘choices’ of others.

So do that today: 

Say no to getting angry at that irritable customer 

Say no to repaying that annoying friend with his own coin

Say no to taking the back seat on your own life 

Say yes to a healthy life style

Say yes to love

Say yes to mercy 

Do not let it be said that you had no choice and things followed the natural order. 

You have a choice and the order will be whatever you decide 

So clear your mind and picture how you want your life to be and make the right choice today.

You can be the better man, 

never give another human being the power to dictate what you are and what you do by their actions

Be true to you.
Thank you!


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