Hello! How are you doing today?
If you ever watched a game of black jack or played one,
then you might be familiar with this concept (all in) as
some high risk takers call on it all the time.

All in, means to have nothinng left.
Means I can’t back out now.
Means either I win all or loose all.
Means my mind is not divided on the matter, i.e. I have one focus.
Means I have paid the ultimate price for success.
Means I think what is at stake is worth all I have or am.

Now that is some crazy concept (but remember crazy is good, Steve Jobs), and that is life.
I believe that the ulimate purpose in life is to find that
one thing you are suppose to give your life for
and give it, whether it is playing golf like Tiger woods,
or dying for the world like Jesus.

Most unfortunately we live in a world where this concept
is mostly carried out on casino tables.
Don’t you think that anything you expect all from you should give your all to?
Don’t you think that if you don’t have something in your life you can give your all to then you are not living to
your full potential?
Don’t you think if you want the best from life you should give your all to it?
Those who achieve greatness ( beyond success and fame) go all in.
Find that thing (please not black jack), that person, that cause
that you were created and give your all to it, not just for the fame
but to achieve greatness, to have a positive impact on your world.
Think about this, do I have anything in my life I give my all to?

Finally watch what you give your all to, I know we were created to leave this world empty,
give till you have nothing left.
There is no excuse for not giving your all, cause it was all yours and yours to give.


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