So I came across this post on facebook recently that said : all of you who celebrate birthdays and call it a +1 should actually call it a -1, at first I thought the guy who wrote it was a saddist or was lashing out on someone indirectly. 

But it kinda stuck in my mind and kept replaying and after my busy day I sat down and had time to review the statement and on careful observation I found it to be quite true, all things been equal every birthday you have is one year shaved off your life, one year you’ll never get back, and one step closer to you know, ending the years all togetger.
Sometimes we don’t pause to think our lives could and will eventually end, we are not immortal, and though that might make u feel weak and vulnerable, it should actually do the opposite and empower you. You have one life to live and the candle is already burning so do this for me

Don’t burn out

Take that risk

Forgive that person

Pursue that dream Job you always wanted

Tell that person your in love with them

Step out of the shadows

Carve out your own path

Leave a mark

Engrave your name in the hearts of people

Spend time with your family and friends

Be happy and LIVE!
Cause of a truth, You only live once (YOLO), so try and make this one time so amazing your story will be told over and over again through generations, I guess that’s immortality in a way, and even if you don’t achieve that, you owe it to yourself to have no regrets at the end of it all, so do yourself a favour and LIVE!


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