Fall they said in their minds as I tripped and missed a step. 

Fall their hearts echoed, as they jumped the obstacle they didn’t expect me to see.

Fall, they prayed for me as I seemed to accelerate more than they did. 

So I fell, they came with their pity parties, and I didn’t get the point cause I thought this was their desire, that I fall.
Somewhere at the core of every un-renewed, untrained and undisciplined human soul is the desire to see another one fall, or a joy that comes from it, whether as a prank or a result of gross dislike for the individual. Why is this wrong?

It reduces the self-confidence of the fallen. 

It gives the fallen a deep sense of hurt and betrayal. 

The injury causes the fallen loss. 

The fallen stands a risk of never rising again. 

Creates more (stand-alone ) individuals in the community. 

The negative effects of this however are not restricted to the fallen alone, but the other guy too, the one who wanted the other one to fall, and rejoiced at the fall of the fallen. So to him it causes; 

Distraction, instead of making progress he is rejoicing in another’s pain. 

Losing a potential helper on the path travelled.   

Loss of influence and relevance.

Miss-representation of humanity, causing a loss of faith in it. 

If you are a Christian, or have listened to some for a while, you would, you should be familiar with the phrase “ the fall”, one fall, one event that ruined our whole lives. One fall is enough, my next fall might be the reason you would have a hard life, so hold, cheer for me, and pray for me, am doing the same for you, we need each other.

Thank you.  



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