“I have a dream” Martin Luther King Jr once said, even though the world thought him ludicrous, it was still alright to dream, I live somewhere in Northern Nigeria and the culture of dreaming and dreams are gradually dying, this could be as a result of a couple of reasons; a failed government, increased level of corruption or even our parents always knocking us back to reality every time we tried to dream. 
Growing up, I think I wanted to be a scientist, change the world with my research, the guy on the next seat wanted to be president and the girl in front wanted to be married to the president. Today, all my friends just want to work for huge IT firms and that’s it.  The rat race, reality as they call it has caught up with us, foot note, remember if you win the rat race, it doesn’t stop you from being a rat. 
This self-induced dreamless state has not just affected a change in our ambitions but every other sphere of our lives, think about it, it is probably because you don’t believe you can be president that you voted a man who still gets his news from the papers and isn’t bothered about the future or innovation, okay maybe that was too wide, or maybe it was all our fault, or was it now, French President elect Emmanuel Macron begs to differ with proof to show that one young youth (under the age of forty) can attempt to lead his world.
Maybe am dreaming again and this is too far-fetched, but growing up I use to hear parents talk about getting promotions at work more often than not and heavy focus on advancing their careers, today, we just go to work and wait till we are promoted, we don’t have that drive to move our firms forward and bring that change. You can’t even have a dream girl because you don’t believe you can get her. We have succeeded in raising a generation without courage and ambition. 
Maybe we have stopped dreaming  because you too have a little ambition and  greed to dream and society has taught us that’s wrong, the average Nigerian is happy to have just enough to get by but not enough to change his immediate community.
Well I guess I have said more than my piece, let me leave you with this, I have a dream, do you? 

Thank you.


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