For me I think the birth of a child is something I would love to experience, I think it is one of the crazy wonders of life, one of those moments you wish you could be at for every special person in your life, you just want to go back to that moment where that bundle of joy and blessings stepped in for the first time and stand in awe of them as you attempt to appreciate all they would be or do.

Well I can’t do that, but I think we can do something better, share lessons their lives have taught us and make others better for their families, this is one of those moments and I would like to share the lesson I have learnt from my walk with sheilatoons.

Your life should be defined by your walk with God.

Love is patient, patience is virtue.

Your young, learn to conquer and make the best use of your time.

Have your priorities and don’t let people move them. 

It’s never too late or early to admit you’re wrong. 

Honour does amazing things for you. 

Learn to rest, you’re human. 

Set goals, make mistakes, learn and teach. 

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done. 

Be kind to strangers. 

Accept and love yourself. 

Progress takes time. 

All good things will come in good time. 

Do good to those who hurt you. 

 Learn to tell your own story. 

Be proud of where you’re from. 

You don’t have to explain where you’re going to everyone. 

When you get to the top don’t forget those who helped you get there. 

It’s ok not to know, as long as you’re willing to learn.

Pick your battles. 

Try out new things, create memories. 

I hope you would pick something from these lessons that would touch your life, that would make it a happy birthday for her. 

Happy birthday, thank you for blessing us with your life. 


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