There is a common phrase that goes thus; ‘am responsible for what I say not what you hear or understand’, though that’s true we only have control over our mouths and not other people’s reasoning units , I have recently discovered another truth, though you may not be responsible for what people hear, that doesn’t make you immune to how they will treat you because of what they have heard.

So what do you do when you are being treated as what you are not 

  • Keep being you, there’s a tendency to just become what the other person feels you are so at least you know your being punished justly, but don’t stoop that low remain true to you, and maybe just maybe the person might see the real you.
  • You could try to explain yourself again, this could go really good or really bad, depending on how the person is and their willingness​ to sincerely listen till they get you and your ability to convey your thoughts via words, so cross your fingers and hope for the best.
  • Figure out what matters to you, whose approval is most important, if it’s God’s then rest in the thought that he knows exactly who you are and he is well pleased with you.

You can’t control everyone but you can control yourself, so keep being you, pick your battles and apply the right principles and maybe just maybe people will see you for you.

Thank you.


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