Please allow me to reintroduce myself 

One of the challenges I have with meeting people within my circle, is that of them knowing me once I say my name. Now its not what you think , am not famous or something, but whether it’s home where my folks seem to have a wide reach or school where everyone  talks a lot the challenge is the same. 
So once I say my name, certain ideas and notions are immediately associated with me, not giving them the chance to meet me. I remember meeting a lady in school one time and before I would make proper introductions she was quick to point out she already knew me, and you know, not in a good way, the way someone will say “I know you,  you’re that rebel ” needless to say we never saw again after that night, or  most recently when I met an old acquaintance who pointed out to me that I had chased many girls during my school days and ruined lives, now believe me sometimes I wish I did (chased the girls, not ruin lives ) , but that’s the issue, the challenge with not letting me introduce myself is you never meet the real me, you have pictures of me painted by people who are biased and want to tell good stories, the bigger problem is thats the story of me you tell.  
So when next you meet someone, put your ideas of them aside (now notice I didn’t say throw them away, I said put them aside), cause those notions might be lies or just that i have changed and meeting (new)  people is just exciting.  
So please allow me to reintroduce myself ;a man of words, I have been around for a very short time and I plan to be around for more. My sense of fashion is way way off and experts say am tone deaf, and that’s all am saying today cause I enjoy a private life.


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