Let’s be humans 

Let’s be humans 

Its blood that flows through our vains and air through our nostrils 

We share the same earth and even though we are not sure how we got here, what’s important is that we are all here now. 

We all have brains and hearts, so let’s be humans. 

In a world of differences and opinions (which your rightful entitled to ) let our humanity connect us. 

Lets be humans, religion is becoming a powerful tool, but humanity is who we are.

Our ethnicity builds us, but if it begins to separate and segregate us let’s put it aside. 

Don’t say hello to me cause of my mother tongue, do it cause am human. 

Don’t lend me a helping hand cause of where am from, do it cause am human. 

Don’t disrespect me cause of where I have been, am human . 

Let’s be humans is all I ask, after all that’s all we are, that’s all we can be. 

Lets be humans 

It means let’s use our hearts to love and our brains to think. 

Thank you 


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