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Abuse – Emotional Abuse 

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They said to me, physical abuse is the worse thing that could happen to a kid, and that’s so true, however when you go through abuse as a kid you have your adult life to deal with it, however when you go through emotional abuse as an adult and don’t even notice or know you will die in its Shadow, under its claws.
Getting her was the dream 

When she said yes it was like I had hit the jackpot

Everything was perfect for me 

She became life, purpose and destiny. 

Then it started 

Her friends told me how I was lucky to have her, how I shouldn’t make any mistakes, how it seemed like am the one getting help and favour, so I was never appreciated. 

And was spending all the time trying to make sure I don’t loose her. 

So I didn’t just give her my best, I gave her my all, but it was abused, cause she left and told tales of how I was never enough. 

Now am left alone, learning to love me. 

She gave him the most beautiful thing she had 

Yet all he talks about is all she doesn’t have never making her feel like a princess always treating her like a slave. 

Now royalty finds herself always for for a slave master cause that’s all she knows , that’s the familiar .

What’s the antidote? Let’s give love. 

Abuse becomes very effective when the abuser is your only channel for true love. 

So parents, love your kids specially everyday, treat her like a princess so she has a different view when he treats her like a slave . 

Friends be deep, be more, be there. 

Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Abuse – Emotional Abuse 

  1. This resonated deeply with me because I’ve been emotionally abusive to my son and my relationships. I write about abuse as well and I agree that emotional abuse is equally as devastating. Thank you for sharing!

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