Random thoughts

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been through some trainings and I’ve learnt a few things I’d like to share 

  1. A car is really only as Good as it’s driver, make sure your driven by someone who can handle and maximize your worth.

  2. The world is full of nay sayers but it’s also full of people who genuinely believe in you, find your cheerleaders, and let their cheers drown out the naysayers.

  3. Sometimes you just have to wait out the storm, knowing it will surely pass.

  4. Life is meant to be lived not endured, stop waking up to live your life in a way you don’t enjoy.

  5. True friends are God’s gift to us, they make life worth living.

  6. Sometimes all it takes is a thought to unleash a wave of ideas….Think!

  7. There’s always a silver lining, look for it, focus on the positive things and be happy!

Thank you!


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