Running From My Demons 

Street poet, philosopher, writer and rapper Olamide puts it this way, ” I be bad boy, but I dey go church and I dey try“.

One of the greatest complexities in life is being both good and bad, being both light and darkness,  this doesn’t even seem possible cause the presence of light drives out darkness however it is so… Yeah I sound confusing, am confused let’s move on, its even more confusing when you can’t go against the one who is against you, when you love what scares you, it seems like normal instinct to fight but you find yourself in flight and that’s life.

I think I have been told that am bold, that I have courage, and all that but there are days I find myself running, trying to hide from my demons not cause I can’t confront them but cause I love them too much to goto war against them, those around me  won’t understand and it makes it harder.

You know what, its not just me, remember Israel’s great king David, yeah he too ran when his son became his demon, why would the warrior king run rather than kill the darkness that’s his love,”his love” explains it all, we let them live for hope, hope that one day our demons will embrass us and become light or enlightened.

Some days I wish it was easy, I wish there was something I could give to make us turn friends, I wish me running to hide will be enough for you to stop but it seems like my very existence is a threat to you and you won’t stop, I want to live and I can’t kill you, am pretty sure this is how the warrior king felt.

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The fact that the one you pray for hunts you is even more hurting than their actions(the hunt).

So what do you do? Run!! Please run, run for the possibility that they will change, run cause going against them will destroy you, run cause that’s the best option, run cause you know you will out live your demons and their departure will hurt you.

Emmmm okay, maybe you have a better idea tell us about it in the comment session. Thank you for reading .


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