Step out

I came out curly haired, wide eyed and with a look of mischief ,That was a big No in the society full of people who followed straight lines, she’ll Change with time they said…

So time passed, and I changed, but not into what they wanted for me but into what I loved and filled me with joy. 

My folks tried to tolerate it for awhile, saying I was just being childish, but the horrible stares they got when they walked down the streets made them quickly reconsider their initial plan for me to come to the chosen path on my own.

So the tutors were brought in, the rules were made, and the freedom of choice was taken away, and so was my joy, my uniqueness, Me.

We’re doing this for you they said 

We don’t want you to suffer like we did they said 

This is the best way, we have passed through this stage and this is the best way.

And so for years i was made to live another life, my real self shoved deep down into my soul, nearly lost into oblivion, and society applauded, I was acceptable now, I was one of them, they gave my dad a pat on the back for a job well done and my mum hugs. 

But it was all a slow fade, it was poison to my soul. So one day ,I got up and decided to take ME back 

Oh what a scene it caused, my mum crying, my dad ranting, society pointing fingers, cursing, jeering. But it had to be done, I was through doing things for them, it was time to do things for me, it was time to be Me.

Don’t die living someone else’s life, Dare to be you! 


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