What if am GAY? 

Photo credit; Baewatch

So what if am gay?, like all out, out of the closet, proud, gay, like married to a man gay with adopted kids, like popularly and openly gay.

Alot of questions quickly come to my mind;

  • Would my folks kick me out?
  • Would I have to get new set of friends ? (Kind of love these set )
  • Would I be allowed back into my social and spiritual circle .
  • But most importantly would I be loved ? 

Do we make a case for tolerance only when we can relate?

Now am not making a case for gay rights what I think about it doesn’t matter, I just needed a dramatic opening to make a case for tolerance and understanding in diversity.

As I begin to approach my mid twenties, topics like; marriage, kids, future ( and rest of my life ) begin to pop up more often than I would like them to.

Now I know for a fact that am still discovering myself, for example I use to love and prefer BlackBerry’s AI in January now I think google’s is better, so my fear is would people keep loving me as I keep changing, would I love them as they go through changes to.

Am seeing culture change before my eyes daily and am not even that old, fighting and picking on people is not helping win the war of differences.

One doesn’t have to agree to my life style to love me, else it won’t have great impact on me. 

You shouldn’t judge me cause I sin differently. 

I don’t really know where love and tolerance wouldn’t lead but I know going to war hasn’t helped . 

Thank you.

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