Would I marry me ? Thinking about marriage 

Photo credit; Tracie Jae

Would I marry me? I mean this me who doesn’t enjoy taking pictures , and has a funny surname.

Often when people think of marriage they think about their partner, would that person be perfect for them, but today (now imagine : drums rolling, spot lights come on) let’s take a pause and shine the spot light on you/me. 

Would I marry me? 

I mean if I could over look the big head and thin body, the small hands and big feet would I still marry me 

Well if I can get over my need to get out of bed early or the addiction to working when the sun goes down would I still marry me

Would I marry me knowing that am not an out door person and that means date nights would be at most once every three months coupled with the fact that I don’t like driving so you have to do most of it will I still marry me

Lets not even begin to talk about my food and fashion preferences, like today am vegan tomorrow am not, next day am all shorts and slippers the day after that one can’t seem to get me out of a suit. 

Would I marry me if I had to wake up to my morning breath every morning (I can hear myself screaming yuck No!!) And handle the fact that my close friend would be a beautiful lady and that beautiful ladies would always (this I use respectfully) find it easy to confined in me. 

Would I marry me if I met me?

Would I marry me if I was the last man on earth ? 

Answer : well NO, thank you

So to those of you privileged enough to be married, respect your spouse. Peace ! 


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