My Love Affair 

Its a bright Saturday morning and am sitting waiting for you, for you to come to me, I spend the whole day waiting and you don’t show . 

You had spent the whole day with your new lover, you say he’s more modern and understands the trends, how ever from where I stand all he does is take and take from you. Takes all that nature has given to you, takes all I had spent my youthful days building.

My love for you

My love for you has sent me to war, war where I lost my arm. 

My love for you has made me invest all my capital in you and now am broke 

My love for you has made me give you the first fruit of my youth and now am old. 
My love for you blinded me to all the warnings and now I have built my world around you. 

I sit everyday and see other fair ladies rush home to their loves, I wonder where you have gone, whether I would ever reap the fruits of my labour . 

You keep telling me to wait that you will make it up to me tomorrow, am scared I don’t have so many more tomorrows left. 

My mind says I should get a younger maiden but I have neither the strength or wealth to make her mine .

I wait for you hoping against hope, hoping you won’t come home only when am gone .

And even with all the hurt I still love you and can’t leave. 

I fear your cheating on me, but I won’t mind if you just come back, just come back to me.

I know it feels like I have written about a lady but I wept for my country as I wrote every line.

Love you Nigeria , Good night . 


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