Stories from my Past 

I have a past

I have stories from it 

From a time before you 

And events that made me, me

I want to tell you my stories, but must days your not listening.

I have a past, it didn’t make it today cause I didn’t need it anymore however I needed it to get here .

To understand me now you have to travel back in time, to travel, I have to guide you, to guide you into my past I have to trust you, trust that you would still stay after you meet the monster that lives in it.  

I have stories from my past

Stories that I alone know all of

I want to tell them, I want someone to know me as I know myself, I want someone to love me from yesterday. 

I want to tell you about my past, however my past reminds me of the past when I told you about my past and you used it to kill my future. 

I need to tell stories of my past 

To someone 

Someone who won’t judge 

Someone who won’t gossip 

Someone who won’t blackmail

Someone who won’t run

Someone please come, lots of stories and so little time. 
For all those who friendships have betrayed and have gone into their shells please come out, the world needs your stories, stories change worlds .


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