Writers Depression – why we write 

Some days we wonder 

We wonder if you’re out there 

Do you read our works 

Does it change your life 

Does it make you better 

Does it influence your decisions 

Photocredit: Huffington Post

Cause we spend large chunks of our lives 


Thinking for these words 

Rephrasing them 

Birthing them 

Just so we can touch you

Reach you 

Change you 

Make the world a much better place 

So I hope your out there 

I hope your reading 

Cause we will keep writing 

And if there is just one of you

That’s enough for us 

For us its not about the money 

Not for the fame 

Its for the desire to see a better world 

Some days however 

Just some days

We feel your not out there 

And all our words would have been in vain

Its not easy to stay faithful without results

We write for the world

Your world 

Our world 

Any world. 

So this is for all the writers out there, 

As long as there is a world 

Let’s keep writing please .

Dutchman – just a man today, not a captain. 


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