Pride verses Boldness

Funny thing is I have been called both

You can exhibit both

Whether at different times Or at the same time

One could even mistaken one for the other

PRIDE focuses on what you have done, shinning the light on past

Boldness helps you over come your fear while facing the future.

Pride makes you irrelevant while talking about your relevance

Boldness moves you from the shadows into the light

Pride denies you sight of tomorrow

Boldness puts tomorrow in sight

Pride is all about what you have done

Boldness is more about what more we can do

Pride puts an end to purpose

Boldness moves to fulfil it

Pride goes before the fall, boldness comes after

Pride is selfish, boldness is born out of love

Be careful only one of both is needed, and both can look alike at first sight.


Take care of your self .


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