Birthday Adventure

So my friend’s birthday was a couple of days ago and something very interesting Happened on the eve of the day that got me thinking and am still thinking…

Here’s what happened:

It was late in the day let’s say around 8pm and she and her friend decided to go somewhere, so the boarded the same bike, and started the short journey to their destination, on the way,there was this big trailer on the road, taking up the whole space and stuff, so their bike guy stays by the side just gradually following, looking for any opportunity to overtake, the usual, out of nowhere this other bike guy on top speed tries to over take them, as if he can’t see the small space, well the over taking goes bad, the other bike guy has an accident, him and his passenger , my friend turns back just in time to see the passenger crushed under the trailer and she’s screaming, well the bike man survives, he wasn’t thrown under the trailer, and its later discovered that he was drunk. My friend is petrified, she’s crying, weeping all the way back to her place and continues till she falls asleep. That could have been her, on the eve to her birthday, that could have been her…

So like I said I’ve been thinking, so here are a couple of my thoughts:

  1. You only have one life, live it and have no regrets when it’s time to go

  2. You never know when your friend, partner or family will be gone, so make sure you show them all the love they deserve….while you can.

  3. Find out if your bike guy is drunk before agreeing to go with him, don’t let anyone do fast and furious with your life

  4. Often times we live for tomorrow forgetting to enjoy today, though that’s good, but tomorrow isn’t promised to you, today is here and now, live! Enjoy it!

Needless to say, it was a different kind of birthday for her, and I hope this post helps us step into a different kind of living.

Plan for tomorrow but live in today…


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