Goodbyes are ok

Just because I left
Doesn’t mean I hate you
I felt you could stand on your on
And they needed me more

Byes are good
Cause they open new doors
And that allows us
To shine our lights in different spheres
The fact that I said goodbye doesn’t mean I left you
I have been with you for so long that part of me is now you
I am more than just a memory
Have moved beyond a figment of your imagination
I have become the influence in your choices and the reasons for your preferences
So you cannot say I left you
I will always be you
Always be with you

Goodbye doesn’t mean you can’t call me when you need me.
It doesn’t mean we can’t have a vacation together
It doesn’t mean we can’t attend that wedding together
It just means we won’t spend our today together daily anymore
And goodbye doesn’t mean no more hellos
So feel free to say good bye and confident to say hello.
Thank you


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