(Letters to my Daughter) – I have made some wrong choices

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(Letters to my daughters) – I HAVE MADE SOME WRONG CHOICES

So I met a nineteen year old today (that made me feel so old) and we got talking then she said this, she said “I have made some wrong choices”, and that really got me thinking.

Yesterday I was listening to a TED talk and this lady said, all she did to get HIV was have unprotected sex, and that’s not a bad thing when we realize all our parents have.

I think we would accept people more if we accept that not of us are immune to bad choices.

I have made some wrong choices

Cause I didn’t know any better

Because I thought I was right

Whatever my reasons were

The choices have been made

Whatever the choices were I can’t change them now

But for you to judge me by them will be unfair

Just but unfair

I have made some wrong choices

This means I understand life better

I get the reasons for your actions

I understand you and I can relate

Here’s something else you should know

I have made some right ones to But it doesn’t matter what you choose I would always love you

Sure it will be difficult when your choices hurt you And by extension me But even then Even then I would love you more I have made some wrong choices You will to When you do Remember we all have to, even the perfect ones.


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