LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower

LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower.

You know what, I don’t think I would have listened to a follower speak to me on leadership, but you know what? Since they stand behind leaders like all of the time they should be allowed to say a thing or two on leadership.

So here are my thoughts on leadership as a follower.

Leadership is about purpose, remember why you are there, and don’t get carried away with the privileges that you forget the reason.

To maintain relevance one must never forget the aim nor stop achieving them. Looking back will not just remind you of those you are leading but also how far you have come.

Your only as strong as your followers, that makes their strength your strength and their weakness yours.

Shine the light on their strengths and build weaknesses.

The purpose is to lead not lord, that is take the first step not bark the first command.

As long as you are alive you mustn’t dwell too much on how far you have come, there is still more to do plus people will talk about you when you go.

Don’t let leadership make you lonely, have some friends.

It’s always lonely at the top, sometimes the top is leadership, but it doesn’t have to be, make some friends with other leaders, share experiences and learn lessons.

Leadership is about people, people who will have bad day’s somedays try to renew your patience daily.

Focus more on the people than the position, remember it’s a privilege.

And it can’t be over emphasized, leadership is about service.

Get a hobby, something to distract you from the job.

I hope this helps you lead a bit better. Thank you.


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