Source: Pinterest I have to write to you,I know my complaints may seem petty considering the heights you have attainedHow you remind me of Zeus and I feel like well, a man childBut I must speak to someone, I pray you listen As worry consumes me daily and insanity seems to be a matter of… Continue reading LETTER TO MY FATHERS

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The African Woman

Source: Pinterest Somewhere in some place in Africa; at the cock’s first crow, a certain someone is up, who most probably must have been the last to go to bed, putting things in order and getting ready to face the day with the challenges it might bring; conscious of the fact that yesterday’s victories do… Continue reading The African Woman


A woman, A flower.

Source: Pinterest Dear you, I know you’ve heard the phrase “Women are like flowers” countless times. I’m not a gardener/flourist but I know flowers bloom according to how much care they’re given. Now someone said something. When you like a flower, you pluck it. You keep on sniffing in the scent/fragrance. You take it everywhere… Continue reading A woman, A flower.


Loan Me the Mona Lisa

Source:wikipedia Da Vinci is a personal friend. I love his work, my most preferred is the Mona Lisa. I like to go and admire her, as the light from the rising sun, Casts itself upon her on a summer day. I would spend my days there. Not being able to take my eyes off such… Continue reading Loan Me the Mona Lisa


Say No.

Source:jeffshore.com Hi there😊It’s a sunny day for me here in this part of the world, who would have thought that the “never-ending” January was trying to save us from the depressing February weather🤔?This week had been incredibly awesome for me having attended a huge programme that spanned for four nights organised by the campus fellowship.… Continue reading Say No.


Ask Today

Source :Pinterest Me: You take one tablet 12 hourly, that is if you take one tablet say 7a.m you take the next one at 7p.m. Patient nods. Me: Do you understand? Patient keeps nodding. Me(in Hausa): Ka fahimta abin da na fada? Or Ka ganè? Patient smiles and says “Ah ah, ban ji ba, babu… Continue reading Ask Today


Chronicles of a final year student

Hello to you 😊. Welcome to the second month of the year and at this point, I really want to appreciate you all, my esteem readers for taking out time weekly to check this blog out and for every comment shared, you all rock 👌🤗. As the week began for me, I got caught up… Continue reading Chronicles of a final year student