LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower

LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower. You know what, I don’t think I would have listened to a follower speak to me on leadership, but you know what? Since they stand behind leaders like all of the time they should be allowed to say a thing or two on leadership. So here are my thoughts on… Continue reading LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower


(Letters to my Daughter) – I have made some wrong choices

Photo credit: (Letters to my daughters) – I HAVE MADE SOME WRONG CHOICES So I met a nineteen year old today (that made me feel so old) and we got talking then she said this, she said “I have made some wrong choices”, and that really got me thinking. Yesterday I was listening to… Continue reading (Letters to my Daughter) – I have made some wrong choices


Goodbyes are ok

Just because I left Doesn’t mean I hate you I felt you could stand on your on And they needed me more Byes are good Cause they open new doors And that allows us To shine our lights in different spheres The fact that I said goodbye doesn’t mean I left you I have been… Continue reading Goodbyes are ok


Pride verses Boldness

Funny thing is I have been called both You can exhibit both Whether at different times Or at the same time One could even mistaken one for the other PRIDE focuses on what you have done, shinning the light on past Boldness helps you over come your fear while facing the future. Pride makes you… Continue reading Pride verses Boldness


Pastor Adeboye CAN go wrong.

Now am not praying for him to go wrong, what am saying is he CAN and you know what, that isn’t so wrong but we will get to that later. It’s time we stop holding our celebrities to different standards than ourselves while also denying them the same privileges we give ourselves. We celebrate people,… Continue reading Pastor Adeboye CAN go wrong.


He is really a nice person

I think one of the things I have had the privilege seeing in life is people falling in love and one of the things you would here them say ( or me say) is “he/she is really a nice person”. You see the the thing about that statement is not that it’s not true, it’s… Continue reading He is really a nice person


A solution to Rejection.

I wanted to play with the other kids I brought my toys  I wore their designs  I came early  I wasn’t picked  Photocredit: I wrote my best  Researched the most  Got to class on time Left after everyone and still didn’t get in I made her the centre of my world  I became the wheels… Continue reading A solution to Rejection.