Beneath the Man

I see a whole lot of you coming around like a bunch of little kids that have seen free candy I see the look in your eyes They tell of your admiration, suprise and longing I see your gestures I feel your movements Everyone slightly calculated Hoping it’ll be the one to take you to… Continue reading Beneath the Man


Birthday Adventure

So my friend’s birthday was a couple of days ago and something very interesting Happened on the eve of the day that got me thinking and am still thinking… Here’s what happened: It was late in the day let’s say around 8pm and she and her friend decided to go somewhere, so the boarded the… Continue reading Birthday Adventure



‘ONLY GOD CAN SAVE NIGERIA’ WHAT A MYTH! ‘Only God can save Nigeria’ Frankly speaking, this is neither a faith statement nor a sign of dependence on God. It is rather a statement of shear ignorance, irresponsibility, and a sign of identity crisis within especially Christians. A theory of escapism cooked up by those who… Continue reading ONLY GOD CAN SAVE NIGERIA


Soon, very soon

Tick tock goes the clock I lie awake unable to sleep If my bed could speak it’ll tell me to hush For all my tossing and turning is keeping it up With the insomnia comes memories Like a storm they come rushing in All force, no warning I remember his last words to me ‘soon,… Continue reading Soon, very soon


Random thoughts

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been through some trainings and I’ve learnt a few things I’d like to share  A car is really only as Good as it’s driver, make sure your driven by someone who can handle and maximize your worth. The world is full of nay sayers but it’s also… Continue reading Random thoughts


Step out

I came out curly haired, wide eyed and with a look of mischief ,That was a big No in the society full of people who followed straight lines, she’ll Change with time they said… So time passed, and I changed, but not into what they wanted for me but into what I loved and filled… Continue reading Step out