Random thoughts

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been through some trainings and I’ve learnt a few things I’d like to share  A car is really only as Good as it’s driver, make sure your driven by someone who can handle and maximize your worth. The world is full of nay sayers but it’s also… Continue reading Random thoughts


Step out

I came out curly haired, wide eyed and with a look of mischief ,That was a big No in the society full of people who followed straight lines, she’ll Change with time they said… So time passed, and I changed, but not into what they wanted for me but into what I loved and filled… Continue reading Step out


Running From My Demons 

Street poet, philosopher, writer and rapper Olamide puts it this way, ” I be bad boy, but I dey go church and I dey try“. One of the greatest complexities in life is being both good and bad, being both light and darkness,  this doesn’t even seem possible cause the presence of light drives out… Continue reading Running From My Demons 

Inspirational · RELATIONSHIP 101.

Abuse – Emotional Abuse 

Photo credit: WordPress They said to me, physical abuse is the worse thing that could happen to a kid, and that’s so true, however when you go through abuse as a kid you have your adult life to deal with it, however when you go through emotional abuse as an adult and don’t even notice… Continue reading Abuse – Emotional Abuse 


Let’s be humans 

Let’s be humans  Its blood that flows through our vains and air through our nostrils  We share the same earth and even though we are not sure how we got here, what’s important is that we are all here now.  We all have brains and hearts, so let’s be humans.  In a world of differences… Continue reading Let’s be humans 


Please allow me to reintroduce myself 

One of the challenges I have with meeting people within my circle, is that of them knowing me once I say my name. Now its not what you think , am not famous or something, but whether it’s home where my folks seem to have a wide reach or school where everyone  talks a lot… Continue reading Please allow me to reintroduce myself 



There is a common phrase that goes thus; ‘am responsible for what I say not what you hear or understand’, though that’s true we only have control over our mouths and not other people’s reasoning units , I have recently discovered another truth, though you may not be responsible for what people hear, that doesn’t… Continue reading Reflections