In Nigeria we’ve just had something we can call the ‘the packaging boom’, everyone seems to either be doing or teaching packaging, it seems like the first perquisite for entrepreneurship, the most important thing in ministry, and the center theme around the course ‘how to get your partner 101’, we’ve all had to undergo some… Continue reading OVER PACKAGING MIGHT BE THE PROBLEM



Growing up I found those who said their hobbies were writing and reading weird, I mean how can your hobby consume so much energy and be something you do every day at school. Today I have two hobbies, habits that I really love, WRITING AND READING, I guess purpose changes hobbies. One of the things… Continue reading WRITER’S BLOCK VERSES READERS LAZINESS.


Burnt Out

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I gazed into the dark skies  A reflection of my soul  Bleak and starless  My soul languished  My body anguished  My spirit was vanquished     Deep within the clouds  I found the light  A full moon  On a starless night  Behold the comfort it brought  To a heart that was…

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Forgiveness is more a matter of choice than time

Am twenty four years old and I would gladly like to take the last six years of my life back not because am an under achiever but because some of the choices I have made have has caused harm and brought hurt to others, might I add that those choices were wrong and those guys… Continue reading Forgiveness is more a matter of choice than time


LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower

LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower. You know what, I don’t think I would have listened to a follower speak to me on leadership, but you know what? Since they stand behind leaders like all of the time they should be allowed to say a thing or two on leadership. So here are my thoughts on… Continue reading LEADERSHIP thoughts from a follower


(Letters to my Daughter) – I have made some wrong choices

Photo credit: (Letters to my daughters) – I HAVE MADE SOME WRONG CHOICES So I met a nineteen year old today (that made me feel so old) and we got talking then she said this, she said “I have made some wrong choices”, and that really got me thinking. Yesterday I was listening to… Continue reading (Letters to my Daughter) – I have made some wrong choices